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OCT 2023


Audiologists are the primary health-care professionals who evaluate, diagnose, treat, and manage hearing loss and balance disorders in individuals of all ages from infants and teens to adults and the elderly. Akkara Foundation Centre for Child Development has a department of speech language pathology and has a total of 6 qualified audiologist and speech language pathologist. As part of giving awareness on the role of an audiologist, importance of hearing and how to protect hearing, a parental session and staff session was organized. Parental session was conducted on 8 th October, 2023 and staff session on 11 th October, 2023 for a duration of one hour each. 25+ parents and 40+ staffs took part in the session & shared as well as asked their doubts on hearing.

         A free hearing screening camp was also conducted for all the staffs and parents. A total 52 participants could be assessed and counseled in the given interval of time. Free screening camp started from 10:00 am and continued till 3:30 pm. Tests administered were immittance audiometer to evaluate middle ear pathology and pure tone audiometer to evaluate individuals’ hearing thresholds. Hearing sensitivity within normal limits, conductive hearing loss, presbicusis, and music induced hearing loss etc were the provisional diagnosis obtained. All the participants received counseling sessions on their audiological evaluation and a small token of love in the form of a card for giving importance for their hearing. We thanked all the staffs and parents of our organization for supporting and making this program a grand success. A cake cutting ceremony was gifted by other team professionals for both Audiologists and psychologist for celebrating audiologist day and mental health day simultaneously.