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Sep 2022


Akkara Foundation celebrated 2022 Onam on 6th September at the Centre with the support of all the staffs, parents and community people .The celebration started with an inauguration ceremony by Unni Raj (Actor, Marimayam Fame)the chief guests of the day was Mr.Thulaseedharan M(Actor,Nena Than Case Kode Frame ) and Mr.Seethrama Ballullaya(Manager,Sree Subramaniya Swamy Temple Muliyar).The ceremony started with the welcome address of Mr.Sajan Antony (Project Coordinator),followed by presidential address was delivered by Mr. Mohammed Yasir(Project Manager) and he welcomed each guest to the stage and they all wished a great year for the whole Akkara family members ,after the ceremony various games and cultural programs were showcased by parents ,children and staffs of Akkara Foundation .Akkara Foundation had arranged Sadhya for around 600 people and the staffs along with the community people served the delicious  feast to all, and made the day most memorable .