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OCT 2023


As part of mental health day awareness month a significant program was organized by Trainee social workers of Sree Sabareesa College with the guidance of Mr. Subin K, Project Coordinator of Akkara Foundation on 26th october 2023 at Govt. Women’s Home Paravanadukkam in the morning at 10.00am with the presence of esteemed individuals. It was jointly conducted by Akkara Foundation in association with Better Life Foundation.The programme was inaugurated by Smt.Shimna V, District Women & Child Development Officer, Kasaragod under the presidency of Smt. Valsamma, Superintendent of Govt. Women’s Home Paravanadukkam. She emphasized the importance of breaking the silence around menstruation and addressing mental health concerns.The event began with a warm welcome by Muhammad Yasir, Manager Akkara Foundation setting a positive tone for the session. The keynote speech delivered by Ms. Devi Parvathy, Assistant Professor, Dept. Of Public Administration and Policy Studies, Central University of Kerala. She highlighted the intersection of menstruation and mental health, shedding light on the challenges many individuals face and also the societal misconceptions. Mr. Mohandas Vayalamkuzhy, Founder of Better Life Foundation extended his gratitude to all the participants, speakers, and organizers, emphasizing the importance of continued awareness and support in these areas. The awareness session was headed by Ms. Sneha M, clinical psychologist, Akkara Foundation she provided valuable information, coping strategies, and support for those dealing with menstruation-related mental health issues. She gave short mindfulness techniques to the inmates for cope up with stress. Group of 9 inmates participated in the event. After the session the trainee social workers from Sree Sabareesa College Kottayam provided some leisure activities for the inmates to reduce mental stress.