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JULY 2023


Akkara foundation implemented Operation Smile Project in Kasaragod District of Kerala and South Karnataka, for those who are born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Operation Smile has provided hundred thousands of safe surgeries for those born with cleft lip and cleft palate. Operation smile create solutions that deliver free cleft surgery and comprehensive care to people where it is needed most and it stood as an advocate towards equity in access to health systems, pioneering solutions that have brought safe and effective surgery to the patients. Around twenty two patients got selected for surgery, from kasaragod and south part of Karnataka. For the project, first task was to identify the patients with cleft condition from different parts of kasaragod district and south Karnataka. Project coordinator, Akkara foundation Project Coordinator and four internship students from Sree Sankaracharya University, Kalady, lead the project and decided to mobilize the patients from Kasargod district through stake holder’s visit to major government and private hospitals, Government institutions, Primary Schools, Government offices, Anganwadies, Community workers, Community leaders, Non-Governmental organization and online promotion. Project team first created posters and flex in both Malayalam and Kannada languages and created five videos regarding awareness about cleft conditions, treatments for cleft condition and operation smile. For field publicity, first we divided the whole district into major towns such as Trikaripur, Cheruvathur, Nileswaram, Kanhagad, Bekkal, Vellarikkund, Delampady, Uppala, Kumbala, Manjeswaram and in Karnataka we planned to visit Manglore, Puthur, Sullia and Kodagu. Field visit started on 2nd July, from Trikaripur where we covered Party offices, schools, anganwadi, FHC,  Arts & Sports Clubs, Kudumbhasree units, Houses and Shops. In cheruvathur we visited Family Health Centre, Cheruvathur, Unity Hospital, Cheruvathur, Party offices, anganwadi, FHC,  Arts & Sports Clubs, Kudumbhasree units, Houses and Shops in Cheemeni, Pothamkandam, Kalikkadav, Olavara, Madakkal, Udumbuthala, Idayilakkad, Mattammal, and shared posters and brochures. During nileswaram visit we covered ICDS Project Office, Nileshwar. Taluk Head Quarters Hospital, Nileshwar. Tejaswini Hospital, Nileshwar. NKBM Hospital, Nileshwar. Party Offices visited and shared our Poster. Dr. Sureshan and Dr. Mini ( Pediatricians ) in Nileshwar town. Also visited Shops, ENT Clinic, Rations shops, 2 Houses and Auto & Taxi stands in Nileshwar town, Arayi-Karthika(place), Vazhunnoradi, Puthukkai and Panathady. In kanhagad project team visited District Govt Hospital, Kanhagad. Sunrise Hospital, Kanhagad. CDPO Kanhagad Office. Pediatricians in Kanhagad. Different Political Party Offices in Kanhagad. Shops, Anganwadis and Home visits. In kasaragod town team visited Malik Dinar Hospital, Thalangara, United Care Hospital, Kasargod, Care Well Hospital, Kasargod, Janardhan Hospital, Kasargod, Aramana Hospital, Kasargod and Pediatrician Dr. Muhammad Musthafa. During Delampady visit team covered Ghalimukha, Pandi, Banari, Kumbadaje, Badiadka and shared our poster & flex in malayalam and kannada. As part of north side of kasaragod, team visited Anganawadis, Shops, Ration shops, School, Taxi stands, in Manjeswaram, Uppala, Kumbala, Seethangoli, Madhur, Kadamba, Thalapady and shared our poster and flex ( both malayalam and kannada ). And in south Karnataka part, team covered Jalsoor, Adkaar, Paichaar, Sullia, Peraje, Arranthod, Sullia, Ajjavara Mandekolu, puthur, Kodagu District of Karnataka, Virajpett amd other rural areas of Kodagu. Visited Government Hospital, Schools, Anganawadis, shops, Kodagu Municipality Office, met Asha workers and shared our poster and flex. After fifteen day’s field publicity, project team conducted Initial Screening Camp at Akkara Foundation – Kottoor on 18/07/2023 – Tuesday (22 patients registered), CH Centre – Trikaripur on 19/07/2023 (5 patients registered) – Wednesday, Panchayat Hall – Mangalpady on 20/07/2023 – Thursday (3 patients registered)and Ansarul Musleemin Association Hall – Sullia, Karnataka on 25/07/2023 – Tuesday (5 patients registered). Mr. Samuel, Coordinator Operation Smile Project, tested the patients in each camp. Twenty-two patients were selected for surgery, out of thirty-five participants who registered in four camps. After all camps coordinator created whatsapp group for selected patients to share travel details, treatment plans and other facilities arranged by smile team. Surgery was planned to conduct at Ernakulam Kinder Hospitals. On 28th July two coordinators of Akkara Foundation arranged train journey from Kasaragod railway station to Aluva, with twenty two passangers and their fourty three bystanders. Smile project team arranged stay for patients and bystanders in an auditorium at Aluva. The smile tad informed Akkara foundation that the surgery for the patients would be within six days from 30th July.