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Dec 2018

Home Library for Differently-Abled

Empowerment can be defined in general as the capacity of the individual groups and or communities to gain control of their circumstances and achieve their own goals, thereby being able to work towards helping themselves and others to maximize the quality of their lives. In health and social care, empowerment means, patients, carers and service users exercising choice and taking control of their lives.

This is what we have implemented in the life of Soumyasree, a 21 years old who affected by an undiagnosed condition from her 17th age, the illness completed her to stop the education at her second-year degree but the thirst of knowledge and reading doesn’t destroy, while her body felt painful all over the body.

When our palliative home care wing met her that time she was along at home, she was doing her daily needs with the help of her sister and parents, while we consulting her she expressed her thirst to acquire knowledge and reading. And she expressed that she needs to complete her degree. Then our trust management decided to set a home library to her with the help of well-wishers.

In December 10 we handed over the home library to her by the hands of Mr. MA Rahman, the eminent writer and literature award winner, along with that he gifted some books to her, she replied after that, this gift my sole more conscious and positive towards the future.