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OCT 2023


On October 20, 2023, a significant Mental Health Day program was organized at Govt. Fisheries ALP School Bekal. The event was orchestrated by a group of dedicated trainee social workers from Sree Sabareesa College, Kottayam under the guidance of Mr. Subin K project coordinator, Akkara foundation and had participation from various esteemed individuals including Smt. Shobana(Headmistress Govt.Fisheries ALP school), Smt. Shiny(ward member), Mr. Shaji(School PTA president). The program included , Art therapy session and Leisure activities for children and Life skill training session for teachers. Art Therapy Session for Children was Conducted by Jyothi Chandran, an experienced art teacher from Akkara Foundation.The session aimed to provide children with a creative outlet to express their feelings and emotions.Encouraged self-expression, creativity, and emotional well-being through art. Group of 34 students participated in the session. During the session, the students were engaged in drawing pictures. The purpose of this session was to provide a creative outlet for self-expression and emotional exploration for the students.The session was a meaningful and a successful experience for the students, allowing them to express themselves artistically and potentially find solace and catharsis in the process. Social work interns of Sree sabareesa college, Kottayam facilitated life skill training sessions for teachers.The training focused on enhancing teachers’ skills in addressing the mental health and emotional needs of students. Topics covered included stress management, effective communication, and emotional support techniques.Leisure games were organized to provide children with a fun and stress-free environment.Promoted physical activity, teamwork, and relaxation. Reinforced the importance of play and recreation in children’s mental health.