Community Extension Service


Conducting Community Extension Service is about relationships in building communities through awareness and advocacy. Community Extension Services (CES) programs and activities are geared toward helping people by empowering themselves through sustainable programs. Community extension services mainly deal with creating awareness and educating the general public regarding the importance of early identification and early intervention of disability among children, with the help of community people. The community extension activities are supervised and monitored by social workers

Three Phases of Community Extension Service

  1. Awareness & Advocacy: An awareness session will be coordinated at the community level for the ASHA workers, Anganwadi teachers and community volunteers on the topic “Importance of Early Identification and Early Intervention of Disability among Children” by eminent professionals in the relevant fields. Presently we have conducted awareness and advocacy sessions at around 13 panchayats of Kasaragod district and South Canara districts of Karnataka under one panchayat there will be almost 40 volunteers so in grant total the average number of beneficiaries of the awareness program is around 520 people.
  2. Disability Survey: The panchayat basis community disability survey is conducted at different panchayats of Kasaragod district and South Canara districts of Karnataka by trained MSW/BSW students from different colleges all over South India. Presently we were able to conduct the survey at 12 panchayats and cover around 4800 beneficiaries.
  3. Screening Camp: Based on the disability survey conducted the children who need emergency care and children below the age of 10 years are screened by professionals and are given proper guidance and counselling. Presently we could conduct screening camps in around 12 panchayats of Kasaragod and South Canara districts of Karnataka by providing services to around 600 beneficiaries all total.