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Dec 2023


The Akkara Foundation conducted a screening camp, which was supported  by Inspire, Payyannur, on 16 December 2023, in Edatt, Payyannur.The purpose of the camp is to screen and prepare young people with disabilities.will receive pre-employment training, and an evaluation to determine the strengths and weaknesses of young people with disabilities will take place.The course’s objective is to empower young people with disabilities by providing them with career-focused education, enabling them to compete in the workforce, and guaranteeing them a 100% job placement.The inauguration ceremony started at 10.00am.Ms.Sareena banu (inspire,Pyyannur) welcomed the programme.Presidential address was delivered by Mr.Unnikrishnan.C.M(inspire,Payyannur).The progrmme inaugurated by Mrs.Prarthana (President of kunjimngalam gramapanchayth).Resource person is Mr.Muhammed Yasir (Manager Akkara Foundation). and Mr.Jayamohan.K.S(Managing trust,Hope Pilathara),Mr.Ashokan(wardmember,KunjimangalamGramapnchayt), Mr.Sidharth vannarath(regional chairperson Loins club), and Mr.Mani.k.p(wings,Payyannur)are expressed vote of thanks in these rogramme.

                                       After Mr. Muhammad Yasir, the Akkara Foundation Manager, led an orientation session for parents. to provide an explanation of the course’s contents, duration, and goal. Additionally, to outline the purpose of the screening camp, the selection process, the project’s description, and the anticipated results. The goal of the skill development program is to enable young people with disabilities obtain the skills needed by the industry so they can find gainful employment and support India’s expanding economy. It is developing policies at the local and national levels to influence PwDs’ trajectory in India. Through skill development, it seeks to fulfill the purpose of mainstreaming “Persons with Disability” (PwD) so they can make a living and live dignified lives in both mainstream culture.

                            At 9.30 am, the registration procedure began.At 10.30 am, the Screening camp commenced.Professionals from several departments within the Akkara Foundation led the camp. Mr. Nuhman (Psychology Department), Mr. Jagadeesh (Occupational Therapy Department), and Ms. Adhithya (Special Education Department).Ms. Vinduja, (PRO, Akkara Foundation),  overseed the screening camp.The professionals evaluated the trainees’ abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.In order to observe the trainees’ inner abilities and capabilities, the professionals evaluate each trainee and their parents individually. They also provide additional tasks to the trainees.Coordinator MS. Revathy assessed learners’ basic computer skills.providing them with a name and address typing exercise while evaluating their educational background and typing speed.15 NSS volunteers In Payyannur college have volunteered about  the program.They have taken an active part in the programme.By 2:30 p.m., the screening camp was ended.